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Watching and Serving

Keep watch and serve

The message for Nov. 29, 2020, is, “Watching and Serving?” based on the Gospel of Mark 13:24-37. How do we keep watch for the return of Jesus? We keep watch by worshiping and serving God in the world. <

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Have I done Enough?

The message for Nov. 22, 2020, is, “Have I done Enough?” based on the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46. Today Jesus talks about His Second Coming. On that day, He will sit on His throne and separate the sheep from the goats. Jesus gives us the assurance that we are His sheep and that our salvation…

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To be Wise is to Trust in Him

This is part one of a series of messages on “The End Times.” Today Jesus gives a warning to those who do not believe in Him and to those who believe He gives a promise. <

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