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Living according to Jesus

Conversation about Faith and Life

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm

via the Application Zoom

January 26, 2021 Update

Bible Study on the Book of Philippians

Why do we send text messages or emails?
We do it to share the latest news, to say thank you, to share heartfelt greetings and/or encouragement to friends or
family. The Apostle Paul sent this letter to the Philippians for those same reasons. This letter is also for me and for you to encourage us in our walk with Jesus.

Join us in our ONLINE Conversation about Life and Faith via Zoom. For the next 8 weeks, we will dig into the book of Philippians, a letter by the Apostle Paul. We will hear about the work that Paul is doing to expand the Kingdom of God and words of encouragement as we live as children of God.

This Bible study on the book of Philippians is in English. Click here if you are interested in the Spanish version.

Tentative Schedule and Outline:
Feb. 3 - Intro & Chapter 1:1-11
Feb. 10 - Chapter 1:12-20
Feb. 17 - Chapter 1:21-30
Feb. 24 - Chapter 2:1-11
March 3 - Chapter 2:12-30
March 10 - Chapter 3:1-11
March 17 - Chapter 3:12-4:1
March 24 - Chapter 4 & Conclusion