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2020-10-25 Worship ONLINE: Convinced Of Our Freedom

By Pastor Dan | October 27, 2020 | Comments Off on 2020-10-25 Worship ONLINE: Convinced Of Our Freedom

Today Pastor Dan talks about that Jesus made us free from the bondage of sin. And that means that we are free indeed.


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Date: September 2, 2018

Title: Out of Our Heart proceeds . . .

Reading: Mark 7:14 – 23

Short bio: People around us can really impact our thinking and poison our thoughts even our lives if we let them.  Even the Devil himself wants to derail Christians and lead them into temptation. However, Jesus teaches that WE are not defiled by outside influences, but from within.  Thoughts that come from an impure heart CAN lead to impure actions.

Date: August 26, 2018

Title: Not a Lip Service

Reading: Mark 7:1 – 13

Short bio: Jesus is very direct with the Pharisees the other religious rulers when He quotes Isaiah who said that people were worshipping the Lord with their lips and their man-made traditions, but their hearts were far from the Lord.  How does this show up in the Church today? Do we run the risk of offering “lip service”, but is it “heart-less”? Do we run the risk of creating man-made additions/traditions to what the Lord says? Yes, of course! We all are vulnerable to these issues.  Once again, today Jesus calls us unto Himself and the Father through the truth of HIS unaltered pure Word that we might be people who offer true heart-service to the Lord that moves our lips as opposed to offering Him heartless-lip-service driven by man-made traditions!